Why this blog is here in the first place?

So ‘Out of Octane’ that was a clever coin-op to use… I see what you did there or more than likely you actually didn’t or don’t care.  Anyway for those of you who are taking the time to read this page and you’re not a spider-bot and have a penchant for all things digitally squared then Hi, I’m William a thirty something happily married Dad of two who’s trying to find his way in the new-era of digital dimensions, infinite indexing, tell-tale technology and creative combustions. I always wanted to have something to do with speed and adrenaline and generally going really fast. So becoming a fighter pilot was my dream that I used to chart a course through childhood. Fast-forward a few decades sans 20-20 vision, no concept of Physics and the only planes I have been on are the economy-class short haul UK versions, and speed is something very much attributed to pain and penalty points (not that I have collected any) and very much kept in a safe place such as a race track or viewed from a safe-distance (like from a TV screen)


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