Module 5: The Ongoing Revolution

Well at least we’re not in the middle of a heatwave and we all have to work on our final module 5 assignment: an infographic about digital disruption in… wait for it…………Engin…..eering, really, really fun stuff!!! and did I mention exciting as well? But oh no it does not stop there we have a super ‘fun’ ethical debate about pros and cons of privacy… yay! Bonus: the winner gets to debate live at one of our classes….. super! Well I suppose it could be worse everyone could be walking around pretending it’s Costa del Sol in Northern Ireland dressed in flip flops and shorts (and smiling?) silently hoping that England makes an effort at the world cup when we know fine rightly that the cup is half empty this time round, if you ever needed proof that football is spelt F-I-N-A-N-C-E there you have it.

england collage
Our lucky straw was drawn for the debate and we had to provide a ‘For’ or ‘Pro’ case for Amazon Cloud Services which was actually quite an eye-opener to the amount of control these cloud systems have over your data but at the same time it really is a trade-off. If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about them finding. The team done a brilliant job of putting forward our case but we never made the cut to pitch live to the class… ah well, after viewing the live debate I could see why some people are just born for Spin politics. So whilst I try to get my head around the extreme bi-polar nature of the industry of engineering going from vaguely related to something digital to being intensively forensically detailed about digital. A curve ball arrives that none other than HRH The Queen is going to visit my home town of Coleraine to do a presentation memorial for WW1 as part of her 3 day visit to Northern Ireland. This news sends everyone into a tailspin of frantic street cleaning, strategic grass cutting which results in an atmosphere in the town which is electric with anticipation of the big visit which is furiously covered on social media with photo bombing, #queenselfies and copious friend feeds choked with out of focus blurry pictures taken of the Queen meeting and greeting her subjects.

Group 12 was pulling together quite strong and the first top skim we could relate to engineering was 3D printing disrupting manufacturing this got everyone onboard and creative ideas were mooted about printers and clouds and exciting-ness about printing guns and supply chains and that how in the future when we invade set-up in a country or even Mars we can just print what we need to get the job done. Like cloning but with laser printers? So with our mutually agreed plan of attack we submitted our idea to the Tutors only to get feedback that was met with a mixed response from the group.
robot printer
After a few meetings we decided to go down the route of using a key lifestyle symbol to explain all the various facets of engineering and how they relate to digital and the key milestones involved. This was all rather exciting and I admittedly got a little carried away (now that there was no evil cloning printers) with some space and aeronautics with the hopes of going for a full on sci-fi style infographic jam-packed with Star Wars and Star Trek memes (possibly featuring the tutors) only to relalise that was actually aeronautics which is classed as ‘transport’, which was another teams assigned vertical. Oh well I’m sure we can use something else like maybe a journey, yeah like a journey through the engineering timeline we could use a delorean and other cars and chronicle the engineering milestones and how they all relate to digital.
starwars delorean

With our group being majority male, ‘Cars’ was starting to gain traction with a possible delorean cameo appearance to keep Will happy… So off we went to harvest the data and boy did we get some data. Paul managed to unearth what can only be described as an ‘assignment in a box ‘, of up to date rich data about the Automotive Industry SO…MUCH…WIN!!! After seting up trello and working on some key areas of the story I double checked the requirements for the brief to begin sketching out my back to the future of engineering infographic and then it clicked. ‘Auto’ was another vertical assigned to a group…Really? Are we that distracted by not getting out to play in the sun that we are losing the power to concentrate.

A ‘don’t panic but I think we might be wrong again’, group meeting was called and we had it in writing from Squared Tutor HQ that ‘Auto’ is indeed someone elses task. Ok so let’s do this we need to pull together an infographic about digital disruption in engineering. So we took the field of engineering as a whole and identified the key disciplines as stated by teh institutional bodies and organisations. We cross-referenced these with other possible tie-ins of the assigned verticals and noticed that construction and architecture whilst related to engineering was not listed as verticals. At last we had something to go on! Work was started in earnest and trello became an overflowing virtual filing cabinet of data mining featuring facts and figures, white papers, statisitcs, theories and a significant lack of memes.

trello module 5
One of our classes was all about facilitating change with Mr Paul ‘Levi Scarf’ Bay who had as you can guess a real game-changer feel about him and imparted great nuggets of knowledge that couls be used to help integrate our learnings back in the workplace. After a few more examples we done a task invovling paper, pens and self-reflection which was kind of like a SWOT analysis but with moredirectional feedback than the typical “My head is in the oven and my feet are in the fridge but overall I’m fine thank-you very much.”

Hangouts became longer and more frequent and eventually a framework was designed and agreed upon that made sense (sans lego star wars figures) and work began building on our original planogram infographic featuring pathways and clouds. Caffeine Powers were used and propelled group 12 for the last week right up to the last class. Fuelled on by Chris Perks 80’s/90’s send off we fired up google hangouts for one last time and worked together across various screen sizes and platforms to finish off our project. signed. sealed and delivered to Squared Campus.  Did you know Engineering the future is exciting? and then it began to rain outside just as the caffeine was slowly dispersing from my system, sometimes you just can’t win (a bit like England)