Module 3: Think Like a Brand

High off the success of Module 2’s strong mark which was my first ever virtual group activity I land into Module 3 like an over eager rookie on his first field operations deployment. And here’s the assignment KLEUR Tonacity hair dye…(the testosterone literally drained from me) all I could hear was white noise tuning out incessant celebrity gossiping and visions of OMG! LOL! and I LOVE your hair video clips from numerous chick flicks (that a man has to just watch sometimes for the sake of his marriage.)

The customer journey begins with our first world problem-esque video of a couple not knowing quite how to handle giving birth properly that is until Google steps in with it’s multi-pronged technologies all-knowing software and makes everything better. 1st world problems with upbeat feel-good music NOW that’s how you start off a module about the importance of high-end hair dye (with applicator)
moments that matter
So now we have the tone set for this Module let’s get stuck in! Yay…..
Who’s channel is it anyway?
Do you know what ZMOT,UMOT,FMOT and all the other MOT’s could mean? They are kind of the secret sauce to engagement. Well in a desperate attempt to inject some form of manliness into this module The MOT’s are actually a good indicator of the state of the customer at various stages in their journey the same way that a MOT relates to the state of a car. The customer journey MOT’s are not only about the customer buying but also about them bragging about your product service and or brand. There was level of psychology about all of this that made a lot previous campaigns I had worked on suddenly click into place in the form of ‘big picture’ thinking rather than being fixated on the specific details of one area of operations for example opting to use SEO only without social engagement on an online campaign and not getting the levels of feedback and traction yet having high ranking in the SERPs.

Attention Grabbing Sensationalist Content!
KLEUR actually means ‘Colour’ in Dutch which was quite fancy and sneaky as it would play around with SEO and IP geo locations settings when planning out our digital marketing strategy. So on with assignment lots of research was needed this time around so a project manager had to decided upon and after a few trials we settled on using asana which proved to be very helpful in bringing order to chaotic dumping of links and attachments and helping to ensure project management on a group wide level and not simply levied on an individual. O
module 3
The Really, Really Clever Rory Sutherland Magic Show feat. plane crashes and heuristics.
I really like this video as it got to the point and was very real in terms of cutting through both the fluff and blinding-you-with-science data reports. There was a real urgency to ‘not be crap’, which I agreed with wholeheartedly and the other point raised of using heuristics and winging it was very enlightening especially in reference to the plane landing in the Hudson river. There was other sleight of mind Jedi tricks but these are not the video clips you’re looking for.

After this welcome break from deep diving into hair dye and the target customer audience which was the modern day established working mum in a professional career it was back to allocating areas of the brief to bring the project together. The female contingent in our group stole a march in terms of ground covered and insider knowledge of the technicalities involved in home hair dying and how it can go horribly wrong (leaving the males of the group looking like gorillas trying to work an iphone)


I opted for the endorsement tie-in with Rachel Weisz as I had SEO experience working with celebrity gossip on a previous project and in doing so provided numerous chuckling opportunities at my inability to grasp the correct pronunciation of her name at every hangout we had and reverting to ‘Mrs 007’ and ‘Daniel Craig’s Wife or Girlfriend’ with later research revealing that she was also ‘a girl from the new wizard of Oz’. Progress soon moved along and hangouts became more comfortable to just get things done and less about being awfully polite and woefully unproductive in terms of the timescale and multiple schedules to synchronise.
Our brand was given an identity and a theme was set-up for the slides, One of our group members just happened to be a carbon copy match of the target customer demographic so we had real-time research and profiling to work with.   On the whole everyone pulled their weight to get the assignment finished, signed off and submitted with time to spare.

The videos proved interesting but a bit lacklustre in terms of getting real-time learning about Adwords and PPC I really thought I was going to be able to ‘get’, Adwords and the campaign management aspect solved regarding Adgroups and fine tuning ROI margins but nope this is very much not the case. The inconsistency in Tutors is also unsettling as it seems the real learning is down to yourself and as was previously mentioned ‘there will be no spoon feeding’. It was becoming all too apparent that it was going to be a dark time ahead as Module 4 was going to be about heartless machines and data,data,data and some analyticzzZZZZZZ…..