Module 2: Think Commercial

After the underwhelming response of publishing a blog and uploading a video to Youtube reaching the dizzying heights of 50 views! watch out Jenna Marbles here I come…I was ready for something more involved. I knew module 1 was a ramp to get everyone onto the same level but I had resorted to ridiculously long-winded replies in the forums you could literally see my monocle and top hat level of discussion taking place. So this is the one I was waiting for… Module 2 has landed and it’s all about being a scrappy hooded Start-up with a penchant for anarchy dotcom entrepreneur of a new business which will shake up existing systems and structures using re-usable scalable technology. I also found out the groups we have been assigned to begin work on our 2.0 empire building and it still feels rather exciting and has a feel of first day at college about it but now with added digital stalking! So the initial contact and awkward emails to prepare for the even more awkward Webcam hangout.

But first we must Volunteer for the test workshop…
test workshop
The test workshop was lots of fun and I found it quite disappointing that they didn’t integrate this method of teaching into the future classes as I found there was more recall of what I had learned and felt this was more like a learning course ‘developed by Google’ by the interaction involved than simply passively watching a video and clicking the odd ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘not sure’ for a poll or discussion as was the norm.

Our introduction to online business models, ranged from brokers to segmented subscription sites and how to generate actual revenue online (sans MLM) and how new technology can be used to facilitate the development of new models Yay! Air B’n’B. Must Challenge All The Things! The new moderated discussion box arrived and you could literally hear the emoticons scurrying for cover! 🙂 gone was small talk and chat-box spam and the use of CAPS LOCK BEing LEft On fOr QUESTions being submitted as it was clear you are now being watched so do make sure to play by the book. *cough T&C’s cough*

Enter the Digital Den of dotcom Startups.
So group 13 gets along quite well, and off we go in search of our elevator pitch We decide to meet back after a few days and meet after every class with follow in our own G+ community and email summaries. Due to the numbers in our group we allocate everyone the same amount of time to pitch their idea to the group and give feedback. Having been in this situation in real-life quite a few times I was admittedly a bit blunt unintentionally pointing out ideas that were already done or had been done and subsequently shut down and therefore pointless to try and looking for the next pitch to find something that could work. My turn to pitch just so happened to be the exact time that the fan gave-up the ghost in my laptop and left me in state of limbo so I was unable to explain a summary of the detailed 1 pager proposal I had submitted to the group. All things being fair we decided to have a democratic vote and in the end we settled on ‘The Sole’ an online platform for solicitors to autonomously work on clients requests on a case by case basis and removing the middlemen in partner firms who claimed a significant share of the legal fees.


Everyone got on-board with this one and we all set about working on various aspects of the project with 2 groups being formed to deal with ‘concept’ and ‘revenue’ Branding was fleshed out, tables tallied up charts presented and last but not least a narrator was nominated who was awesome at voice-overs SO MUCH WIN! I thoroughly enjoyed my time on this assignment as it was really fascinating to see how a group of various skilled people could pool together to achieve a robust enough business plan and marketing approach that was watertight enough to hold it’s own in a dragon’s den scenario.
Absolute Mobility
The videos to watch for this module included a brilliant piece entitled ‘Fall in Love With Mobile’ from inspirational Speaker Jo Baker often referred to as ‘The Go-to Person for Mobile’, and is subsequently the Head of Industry at Google. She’s worked withEquimedia and the British Film Society, and knows just about everything there is to know about mobile and it shows through the presentation with some hair-raising facts that leave you simply over-awed at the scale and pace of mobile usage in everyday life such as:

One of the case studies she mentioned  was a particular sit up and take notice moment for me, was how a trainer shop in Guatemala called ‘Meat Pack’ used geo-location services in its app to virtually “hijack” customers from shopping at competitor’s stores using some nifty mobile tech.

Simon Andrews gave some very practical applications of the size and scope of the mobile world and highlighting the areas of growth and improvement from strategic mobile first policy to integrating your existing campaigns into platforms on a granular level to provide some startling instantaneous results to the market you are talking to and the problems you are trying to solve.
So far I was kept stimulated by the assignment project and invigorated by the course speakers and related content to read. The jewel in the crown for me was finding ‘The Lean Start-up’ by Eric Ries as I was previously aware of this LEAN methodology but never actually implemented any of it as it seemed to be exclusive to only manufacturing or coding environments. Hearing about it in a digital marketing context gave me the extra push to buy a copy and fully digest what it was all about and the level of relevance it has as a framework for not only manufacturing projects but also marketing campaigns.