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So why would you care about 33 and 1/3 things you never knew about me or even want to read about me. Well as a wise man once said (Peter Griffin) “Chose the mystery box Lois we don’t need a boat”. One of my most passionate traits is the simple mantra I use to decide on a course of action… ‘Sounds like a plan or this will leave a mark’.

  1. I’m officially 34, but some of my most memorable conversations come from talking to friends who are elderly.
  2. I somehow managed to scar my knuckles for life when I was a teenager whilst moving a box of eggs.
  3. My closest friends are as mad as a box of frogs. Once we all watched The Blair Witch Project at the cinema, then decided it was a good idea to walk through the local forest trail on the way home. Everything was fine until we got lost, walked into a hornets nest (literally) and found empty shot gun cartridges every time we tried a new way pathway to follow (escape). Having a down to earth sense of humor I find is one of the most attractive qualities in a person. My wife and I set each other off on laughing fits and participate in juvenile dares on a fairly regular basis.
  4. When I was 19, I used to drink multiple rounds of spirits set on fire (Rumple Mints alight & Redbull) on a night out and managed to go for 3 days with no need for sleep. These days  it’s Jack Daniels & Coke and I’m in bed before midnight.
  5. I have an eclectic range of musical taste. I was a fairly well accomplished DJ, and taught myself how to mix by using  an all-in-one HI-FI with standard tape decks and a single turntable. I’ve always ended my sets with the little ditty; ‘Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf’ by the three little pigs. My kids love my impromptu ‘crazy disco time’ complete with glow sticks.
  6. I’ve lived in Leeds, Essex, Southern Ireland,  and Northern Ireland. Leeds was a bit too intense and the atmosphere was very charged. Essex has a bad rep but is actually a cool place to live with lots of culture to offer. I had a brief stint in a castle in County Offaly in Ireland which was the equivalent of time-travelling. Northern Ireland is great, it’s 2hrs in the car in any direction and the local hospitality is ingrained in the culture.
  7. My favorite movies include Glory, Heat, Akira and The Big Lebowski. I like movies that are sometimes based on true stories or have intelligent complex interweaving story lines. Wall-E, Bee Movie, Cars (1&2) and UP are awesome too. I’m also a sucker for some chick flicks and I possibly might have loved Bridesmaids more than my wife did. The Big Bang Theory, New Girl and Suburgatory are among my guilty TV secrets.
  8. I have a rapid attention span when brainstorming Think the split screen in 24 with the timer and all the sound effects with Willy Wonka guiding you through the ‘Crystal Maze’ and you’re getting close.
  9. I was once mis-diagnosed with Anaphlylaxis  I still get slightly aggressive and anxious when around wasps or bees (not so much bees)
  10. It took me 8 attempts to get my driving license Even though I was told by Doctors that I would never be able to drive a car after being cut out from the wreckage of a car crash I was in as a passenger when I was in my teens.
  11. I was shortlisted for a BBC 2 Dragons Den pitch & also invited to attend screenings for the Apprentice (UK).  Patenting fees and re-location costs quickly killed these dreams.
  12. I was inadvertently blamed for a bomb scare in central London. After a night out we returned to our hotel to find everyone out on the street like a fire drill. When we asked with our slurred Northern Irish Accents as to why?,the duty manager turned pale and began to isolate us from everyone until it was declared a hoax and we got ‘special treatment’.
  13. When I was younger, I helped to rescue a drowning calf. We managed to help the calf stay afloat until the farmer came with a tractor to pull it out, I was 6 at the time
  14. I worked all the way through my education. I grew up in a working class climate and didn’t know what loans were and so going away to university wasn’t really an option. So, I got into work. l began with seasonal harvest work, a paper round, some car valeting and ended up scoring a position at the local grocery store.  At first all I done was brush the car-park and general janitorial work but within a few years I was able to run day-to-day operations.Then I went to Further Education College or ‘Tech’ as it’s known locally, still working in retail.
  15. A part of me wishes I had gone to University. But another bigger part of me is so thankful that I met my wife and have my family as a result of not going to University.
  16. I’m secretly jealous of toddlers and infants. They get to munch on cereal…like whenever, and they carry around teddies and toy cars and get to play on those road mats. not to mention lego, cartoons, eat crayons and laundry service.
  17. My wife is really crafty and an Ace Arithmetician She runs her own successful craft business, makes her own scented candles and jewellery and  does voluntary kids work in our local Church and can make an awesome saccharinne laced microwave coffee.
  18. By the age of 7, I had learned how to make tea and cook a meal for a family  I love the buzz of a busy kitchen and the satisfaction of a menu well prepared.
  19. I used my wages to pay for private tuition to help my exam grades After losing a year out due to  broken leg injury and resulting complications I used my wages when I was able to work again  to try and bring up my years absence from school.
  20. Some people around me (my family in particular) think I like cats, I don’t.  I use the characters the ‘Pink Invisible Kittens’ as a means of reference to not swear or to simply close off a conversation with an inquisitive child. It’s sort of like an invisible friend except they’re kittens and they are sort of pink coloured. This does not stop the flow of cat references in conversation and cat related trinkets at gifting times. Have you ever tried to explain the slogan ‘Don’t be a Pussy, Eat one’, to your Mum from a T-shirt that re-surfaced from your youth?
  21. My wife was told she would never have kids. We have a boy and a girl.
  22. I hardly ever read fiction novels. The last fiction novel I read was ‘The Very Man’ which was a good read but my desire is in solving problems and finding out new discoveries. I read about 5 books in a year and I only finish about 3 books in a year. My wife consistently reads 2-3 books every other week, nearly all of them being entirely fiction. Bath time is a catch-up for her books as is taking time to just read fictional stories, which is an alien concept to me unless it’s Asterix. Tin-tin or manga.
  23. I’m a really terrible dancer and karaoke singer. I’ve only ever tried once. On my stag night after copious amounts of Rumple Mints and Redbull I finally caved in and got up to sing ‘Uptown Girl’. Half the bar roared with laughter at my pathetic attempt at trying to match the bouncing lyrics on the screen.  The other half, Well let’s just say I woke up the next morning with a broken watch. which I triumphantly paraded as proof of my rite of passage
  24. I ended up having to be the DJ at my own wedding. Trying to mix kool and the gang celebration (spanish version)  into thumping house music was not a challenge to be undertaken when you’ve been plied with well-wisher drinks all day long.( JD& coke)
  25. I have mixed views politically. I think that few issues are as ‘cut and dry’ as the media makes them out to be. Peoples lives are more complicated than pigeon-holed colours and acronyms.
  26. I  really love Japanese philosophy and culture. I’m generally anti-religion. Being from Northern Ireland you got to see the raw everyday impact of it when it was abused. The band ASH really inspired me that being from Norn Iron and having a Japanese slant can and does work.  I love the get things done and do your best approach and the community working towards a common goal mindset that is portrayed in most of the Japanese propaganda in anime and manga story-lines. I’m Not too sure about the raw fish thing (although Tesco and M&S have a decent range to make up for it, but I love the noodles. The technology crutch that they use is getting a bit more worrying now as it looks as if they are trying to replace human interaction completely with al-go-rhythms.
  27. My Grandfather had the exact same names as me. So attending his funeral was an incredibly surreal experience not least because of his untimely death, but that my name was being read out and also inscribed on the gravestone. This scares the absolute shit outta me motivates me to try and stay as happy, healthy and stress-free as I can be.
  28. I think my on-line venture and blog is going to be both therapeutic and be real-world profitable. I’ve never poured this much personal attention into anything except my relationship with my wife and kids.  oh, and my art/creativity/design stuff. And the upkeep of my imaginary friends.
  29. I rely on an Elephant and an Octopus to get things done You know those hot PA’s in the movie who always wear glasses etc… think Miss Moneypenny from James Bond. Well I don’t have that luxury..(yet). So I have an Elephant based working memory system  known as evernote and a Octopus who loves scheduling called Astrid. not at all pissed that yahoo has acquired them With this system I know the exact date something happened, has to happen by or will happen on.
  30. I was once a judge in an underground rap battle competition. I actually felt like I was Tim Westwood, wurd.
  31. I find that I always want to help entrepreneurs and other small businesses succeed, which is why I find it hard to say No to some projects. I love to work with small businesses because I’m passionate about it. The atmosphere and vibrancy of a small business is so much more exciting and magnetic when people are doing what they love, and when power and money isn’t the reason d’etre.  The creativity, fulfilment, freedom and contribution I can help people make to the world is worth the constant arguing with an octopus (Astrid) and re-juggling all -too frequent odd all-nighters.
  32. I have been too trusting in my personal life in my past and it’s not turned out as you would expect. Life throws curve balls like a psychotic ninja at you with all of the warning and timing of a natural disaster, it’s how you manage the impact and contain the damage that’s important in these situations.
  33. I love Autosports, particularly NASCAR. I routinely get teased and berated about the redneck following aspect of the sport and the ‘they are only driving in circles for 3 hrs’ but I digress with my cheesy nachos, cherry coke and stubborn resolve to see it through I will treat myself to a marathon of super high-octane America-ness complete with devotional advertising on a quarterly basis if work allows.