Expected Incompetence, A Royal Visit and Engineering the Future….

Module 5: The Ongoing Revolution

Well at least we’re not in the middle of a heatwave and we all have to work on our final module 5 assignment: an infographic about digital disruption in… wait for it…………Engin…..eering, really, really fun stuff!!! and did I mention exciting as well? But oh no it does not stop there we have a Continue reading


Whatever way you pronounce Google Analytics, it still has that same effect on you.

Module 4: Think Optimised

Yes, that’s right Utter Terror…possibly tinged with boredom, resentment and mixed feelings of bewilderment and frustration at the scale of ‘not provided’ results. Continue reading

Still quietly ushering a revolution evolving digitally ?


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So what do I want to get out of Squared On-line? well apart from the obvious (learning the secret indexing algorithm so I can have untold riches, topple governments and become a dictator with a penchant for doughnuts and decent coffee that does not double as paint stripper)  What I mean is there are many reasons for joining squared on-line, each of my virtual squares classmates will have their Continue reading